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Inquiries to avoid

During private tarot readings with a client, I sometimes feel the need to suggest rephrasing the query for the purpose of clarity before I even begin to shuffle the cards for a reading. As a tarot reader at no time do I want to influence or manipulate my querrent's question in any way. However, it is very important that I charge the cards according to howI understand the question. As well, in my experience there are certain types of questions which can lead to an unclear reading.

For example, closed ended questions or expecting a yes or no response. Tarot readings often give insight by showing a perspective that is related to the subject of the reading. More times than not with in a reading will describe the path you've taken to get to your answer, rather than just simple answer with an affirmative or negative response. Asking a yes or no question will result in receiving far more information than maybe hoping for. In this case, I'd suggest working with a pendulum, divination sticks or dowsing rods.

Since tarot cards are a divination tool, I also like to avoid medical focused questions and I always refer FIRST to a medical practitioner or doctor for any medical or health advise.

There are also sometimes questions that the querrent may not actually want answered. Such as, "When am I going to die?" Or, "Am i going to die by xx-xx-xxxx date?", Etc. Many times future oriented questions can change depending on the choices made from the present on.

As also described in this preview blog entry which provides more information about fortune telling:

If giving multiple readings it is not recommended to ask the same question over again (unless some time has been allowed to pass between readings). Tarot readings will only share the perspectives from a single point in time. When the same question has been asked in readings with me where my client insists, the tarot cards have often describe the same messages from another perspective still offering similar results. This can seem redundant to do so. Especially, if the readings are paid for. In my opinion, it is important to trust the messages of tarot and be confident with the results. However, sometimes questions already have answers. To which, a reading may provide affirmation or confirmation of the querrent's situation.

It should be mentioned that questions about other people are also avoided in my profession. A reading regarding someone else that is not present for the reading session is considered a type of "ambush reading" and is in my view intrusive and not usually appropriate to do. In this case, I've recommended the other person in question to receive a tarot reading for themselves.

More information about ambush readings can be found in a previous blog entry:

It's important to be clear and upfront within readings and to give the messages directly.

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