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Offering free 15 minute remote tarot readings!

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings online and in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

Every once in a while I like to offer a chance to receive a free tarot reading to those who may be interested. 

Perhaps you've never received a reading before? Or maybe you feel you may benifit from another perspective?  This is an opportunity to discover what it is like to receive a tarot reading and realize what it's all about for yourself.

Keep watch for details!  About a week or so prior, there will be a date and time posted on the homepage of my website or on social media about when the draw will take place.  To enter the draw simply "like" or respond to the message posts on social media, contact me from the website, or send email to  Basically, anyone who requests a free reading from me will be automatically included in the next draw for the chance to win. 
Once the draw has been held the winner(s) will be contacted by myself to arrange online meeting details by the following day.  If you 'liked' or commented to a social media post, for example on Facebook, then I would respond via Facebook Messenger as a direct message. If you sent an email requesting a free reading, then I would reapond in email. Etc.  If no reply from the winner has been received within 48 hours, the chance to claim the free reading may be lost. So, please keep an eye out for my response if you entered the draw.

Draws generally will happen on a Monday, and the free tarot reading will happen the following day (Tuesday) in the evening at one of the available schedule timeslots to be determined. Usually between 6-9 PM. But, may vary depending on appointment availability.  If you are a winner of the draw, please contact me as soon as possible to book a reading session.  If not available on Tuesday evenings, that's ok. Still reply and we can arrange another date and timeslot that works for you.

During a 15 minute remote tarot reading with me, you can expect to chat while I shuffle and arrange the tarot and we discuss the messages in the cards.  The card spread used will be determined depending on the querrent, question asked or subject of the reading. No information about yourself is necessary to share with me beforehand other than maybe your name, star sign and if you have a specific question to ask the cards or if you'd like just a general reading. But, that can be discussed more during the meeting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you to all for your interest. 

G O O D   L U C K 
to all who participate!

Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings online and in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas
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