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Bryan Stafford from Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings online and in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

About Myself

Thank you for reading more about me.  

My name is Bryan Stafford and I live in Guelph, Ontario Canada.  I am an empathic male and an intuitive secular practitioner with many years experience with metaphysical workings, including tarot readings.

Tarot started for me fairly early in life.  At the age of twelve I was gifted my first set of cards. It was a Rider-Waite-Smith deck from someone who did not want them anymore.  They were given up trying to learn the tarot for themselves and they wanted to see someone else benifit from using the cards.  It was an energetic and emotional connection from the start, almost as if the energy of the deck had somehow found their way to me as their intended new owner.  Over the years that followed, a bond and relationship with the cards was created and a fascination with the tarot emerged from within.

Learning the meanings and messages of each of the 78 cards of the traditional tarot deck, and using specific spreads for interpretation, I gave myself self-readings regularly. I would often rely on the consultation of the cards for a multitude of personal situations with very accurate and helpful results.  Over time, realizing how helpful tarot readings had become to myself, I wanted to help others to experience the same personal insight for their own personal situations in their lives.  Continuing to remain objective during those self readings, and building confidence, I started giving tarot readings to others when I was 15 years old. 

Now, over the next few decades later, (without aging myself - LOL) I have collected a variety of tarot decks for various uses, as well as several oracle decks to expand on my readings. However, I still have and I still use my very first original Rider-Waite-Smith deck that started it all years and years ago.

Questions are welcome. I always enjoy meeting others. My email is: and I'm also available on Facebook at: I also have a tarot blog at:

which include saved previously recorded live broadcast events that feature sample readings.

Please feel free to send a message or email me if you have a question.

The tarot is just one form of divination that I have learned along my spiritual journey within my craft. 

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