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Fortune telling

The future is fluid.

The decisions that we make in the moment can change the direction we take towards the future. The actions of our selves and of those surrounding us can have a direct impact on how situations in our lives unfold.

Nothing is 'set in stone'.

Due to this, rune readings and tarot readings do not actually involve predicting the future. It does however, give a viewpoint of possibilities to come from the specific moment of the reading.

So, for example, if during a reading a querrent does not prefer the outcome description of the cards sitting in future positions, they can then in the moment decide to make changes which will influence the result over time. This change of perspective may lead to possibly avoiding the predicted messages of the reading all together, or changing it slightly altering their path of destination described in a reading. Or, perhaps if they rather prefer the outcome described in a reading, actions and decisions in the moment can help to stir towards what is desired.

How we reflect on and related to the messages received during a reading is what can create new perspectives. A prospective of the future can be influenced by many factors that may or may not be within our control, or even unaware of forthcoming.

Both the runes and the tarot are considered guidance tools that work with intuition and can help solve problems by looking at potential outcomes.

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