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Trans-dimensional day spread

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

As mentioned in previous blog entries, I am able to do trans-dimensional tarot readings. What this means is that I span the energy of a reading across multiple tarot and oracles decks to elaborate or gain further clarity within the messages received during a session. This process can sometimes take more time to explore and so, is not often offered during a short 15 minute reading. However, a 30 minute tarot session can accommodate it when/if time allows.

It is my hope that by sharing a trans-dimentional spread as an example, that this would be helpful to understand the process which I'm referring to.

Tri-Dimentional Piramid Day Spread:

[ 6] [ 7] [ 8] [ 9]

[ 4] [ 5] [10] [11]

[ 1] [ 2] [ 3] [12]

Deck 1 Card 1 - how the past effects today

Deck 1 Card 2 - generally about today

Deck 1 Card 3 - where today is headed

Deck 1 Card 4 - subject of the reading

Deck 1 Card 5 - what's against the subject

Deck 1 Card 6 - advice

Deck 2 Card 7 - Cards 7, 8, and 9 are...

Deck 2 Card 8 - together for...

Deck 2 Card 9 - ... involved advice

Deck 3 Card 10 - Cards 10 and 11 together...

Deck 3 Card 11 - ...are elements involved

Deck 4 Card 12 - The life path involved

Here is a picture of the reading and description and confirmation to follow:

Often I will have the cards slightly overlap to show the order in which the cards have been drawn out into the spread that's used.

My question:

"generally, where am i headed in my life?"

The decks I used for the above reading:

Deck 1 - Ancient Wisdom Tarot Deck

Deck 2 - Psychic Heart Chakra Tarot Deck

Deck 3 - Elemental Oracle Deck

Deck 4 - Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck

Reading Messages:

Card 1 I've walked the path of a Priest

Card 2 much decided in terms of my fate

Card 3 my offerings already given will be acknowledged soon or upcoming

Card 4 there is still healing involved that hasn't happened yet. But, in progress

Card 5 sacrifices and consequences are required or involved for the healing to happen

Card 6 no need to think magickally, don't over think it mundanely either!

Reading Expanded: further Advice.

Cards 7 8 and 9 this is something you alone need to do, find/bring balance and know yourself completely, and be careful not to get overly involved or be taken advantage of

Reading Expanded Further: What's involved?

Cards 10 and 11 this is all about action required and coming, a huge release of something new while also an escape leaving behind the destruction inflicted. Sometimes something is destroyed to start anew.

Reading Expanded Further: Life Path desc.

Card 12 this part of the life path is about finding and walking the path itself. The lessons are the journey along the way, and leads to enlightenment.

Confirmation of the messages:

This reading was very relatable to me and was quite meaningful to me personally as I recently have been considering expanding my Wiccan priesthood by possibly starting my own coven next year after my Gesith Initiation completes in late Dec. 2022. When i look at the reading messages (Cards 1 - 6) the messages are clearly about the journey I've been on and gives good advice to move forward. The advice expanded (cards 7 - 9) almost explain how I proceed with the previous advice in card 6. With what's involved (cards 10 - 11) starting a Coven is a huge event that which actions will change my entire world in a very meaningful way. And with card 12, I'm not completed my journey yet and so it makes sense many lessons are still along the way in the path I walk. It is my hope that by sharing that journey with others, i can help others feel confident in their own journey.

This is one example of many ways in which readings can be transferred and expanded upon with the different realms of multiple individual Tarot and/or Oracle decks. Also known as, trans-dimensional tarot readings

This is also the topic of a Tarot Talk live event at were I discuss and give examples of trans-dimensional tarot and oracle card readings.

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