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Avoid ambush readings

As mentioned in previous blog entries, the ways in which we connect the messages of tarot to the different aspects of our lives is how new perspectives and insights are created. And so, readings can be very personal or become about very sensitive information. This is why readings with me are always considered confidential.

So... to suddenly draw a card from a deck for an unsuspecting person (a passerby) for the sake of starting a conversation about the card's message, probably in a public setting, can feel intrusive and down right rude. Someone who is not open to receive a reading in the first place will not be open to fully comprehend the message being pushed upon on unexpectedly.

It's similar to the common practice amongst psychic mediums not to approach random strangers trying to deliver messages from the spirits of their past loved ones. To catch people of guard regarding such personal and private details can be overwhelming. It is the same as well for other intuitive readers. Like to Rieki Masters, or Massage therapists, etc. It seems to be common sense.

When reading for others, or when working with the energy of others, another very important practice is to cleanse and clear your own energy before and after readings so that you yourself don't feel ambushed by the energy from readings.

Before - so that not bringing unwanted energies into the reading (or the energy from your day previously, or from personal struggles, etc. and so chakras remain as balanced as possible.

After - so that the energy of the reading (or the energy of the client, from their problem or question, etc.) doesn't linger.

Even when doing multiple remote readings consecutively, i also try to cleanse between each reading. For this, i personally use sound vibration with singing bowls with a grounding technique.

Reading someone without their permission first is known as "Ambush Reading". This is because it can feel shocking and invasive for the other person. Simply introducing yourself and asking first if someone "...would like a free reading?" Or "...would like a one card draw?" Etc. can prevent the other person from feeling ambushed.

Another way to avoid making someone else to feel "ambushed" is by fully explaining clearly if any fees are associated with giving the reading being offered. ... is it a service? ... is it a favour? entertainment or for fun? ...are you charging a fee for your time to give a reading? or are you offering a free reading? etc. - Always be upfront with what exactly you are offering if/when offering readings for others.

Allow others to also understand exactly what kind of reading it is that you are offering (length of time to do, general full reading or on a particular topic/subject/question, and the intention and spread/layout to be used during the reading. Anyone choosing to have a reading done can make these decisions for themselves. Present the options, and if someone is uncomfortable with you reading for them, they will say so - by declining. If someone is comfortable to proceed, then the reading can begin.

The choice of readings should always be given to the other person first.

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