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Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas


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What can I expect my reading to be like?

You can expect to sit and chat with me for about 15 - 30 minutes depending on the type of reading requested.  You'll have an opportunity to ask a specific question or request a general reading. Once the reading has begin, remaining objective, I will point out any symbolisms and tell you what messages I receive according to the cards and spread that is used. Asking questions is always encouraged through out readings, but especially towards the end of the session. 

How long does each reading session take?

Session length can vary depending on the services requested.  
For example, a rune casting takes about 15 minutes in length to do a casting or short tarot sessions, such as so one day spread. Full tarot readings (10+ card spreads) take about 30 minutes in length to do.  Longer tarot sessions tend to average an hour to do which can include three different tarot spreads (usually, 1 card, 3-5 cards, 10+ cards).

For added services, for example, adding a palm reading or a tea leaf reading with a tarot session, this will add to the time required.  And so, it is really up to the client how many tarot spreads or other types of readings to do which would determine how much time is required for the session.  

Are readings kept private?

Absolutely! Readings can be very personal depending on life situations or questions from the client, etc. And so, readings with me are treated as confidential. No information is shared or talked about by myself outside of the reading or without my client's permission. Virtual readings are not recorded. I also do not disclose whom are those that come to me for readings.  It is up to the client who attends the reading with them.  That being said, all reading are private. 

Can you do readings over the phone or in email?

Yes, I can. However, I personally prefer giving readings in person (or at least on a video call). For example, in the event of a tarot reading, I like to show the client the cards. Or in the event of a rune casting, the client should see how the rune(s) land. This is important to me that my client can look at the symbolism involved so that they may draw their own intuitive messages from the reading as well, if possible.  Regarding email, I have sent an attached picture of the card spread and descriptions included in the body of an email. But, the opportunity to ask questions about the cards during the reading is missed, which can help to understand the messages more clearly.

How do your rates work?

Basically, I charge a flat rate for my time at $25 per each 15 minute timeslot.  Fees are paid upfront to book and reserved your session and the length of time scheduled is based on the amount paid.  Invoicing is available for regularly returning clients.  The way it works is if someone wanted to reserve 30 minutes with me, they would pay $50.  If time is reserved but not fully used during a reading, then the remaining time can be re-reserved for a future session (based on 15 minute intervals).  The fee structure and amount does not change depending on the type of reading requested. 

What kind of tarot deck do you use?

Actually, I have a collection of tarot decks.  For readings with clients I use a Rider Waite tarot deck (which is the most commonly used) or a Morgan Greer tarot deck.  Occasionally, I also use different oracle decks to refine readings with clients and confirmation of difficult messages.  Check out the blog section of this website for images and descriptions of my tarot decks used for readings:

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic is usually clairvoyant which means that they perceive messages through senses and intuition.
A medium practices mediating communication between spirits of the living and spirits of past loved ones. 
A psychic medium can do both. 

Can I do my own readings? 

Using intuition to do readings takes time and practice to learn. However, anyone can do it.  Psychic ability is alot like singing music:
Sure, we can ALL sing, some sound better than others. Many of us can learn to read sheet music, others learn from memorizing songs, some can do it instinctively, there are artists, others need to learn how, and there are even a few who are not interested in doing it for themselves at all.  

What is the difference between a "remote reading", and a "distant remote reading"?

Remote readings are not in-person, and usually take place over a video chat platform such as Zoom Video Conferencing or another of your choice. Remote readings are watched in the moment, and questions can be asked while the reading is taking place. 
A distant remote reading is a pre-recorded video of a reading and can be watched online accessable by a clickable link sent in an email. There are several subscription type options available for distant remote readings to be delivered on specific dates, or special occasions at:

What if a particular question does not appear here?

Please feel free to send to me your questions by emailing me at and I will be happy to answer your questions or provide information.  I should mention that NO questions are posted here on this website or used without the sender's permission.
- Take good care, always!!!

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