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Trust your intuition

One of the most important part of doing tarot readings is to trust your intuition.

Without it, you're technically just guessing at the meanings of the messages. If you are only following the meanings of tarot from a book and not following your intuition then you may be missing out on the potential of very personal, meaningful and connective messages.

Afterall, the insight and new perspectives are braught on by the reflection and association of the messages to the different aspects of what's happening in our lives.

The experiences we have in the world have a huge influence on those associations, and how we feel or think about certain things. The emotional connections that we all create. The actions that we all do in life. The thoughts and intellect of each of us. The embodiment of needs in relation to either health or finances. Etc.

This is why different tarot readers tend to have different associations to the symbolisms of tarot and oracle decks.

If you are attempting self readings, remaining objective is the most important part of reading your own tarot session. Once you can remain objective in order to hear the messages of the cards without your own emotions and thoughts interfering what what the cards are trying to tell you, it's your intuition that confirms the right messages are being presented.

The message that seem needing to be delivered are usually the most striking or attractive to the reader when apearing in a position within a tarot spread. Attention that is diverted can be a narrowing down of the critical part of the subject of the reading.

There are many times in which the messages of the cards during a tarot reading do not exactly match the meanings described in the book that came with the deck, ...and that's ok! The books give the creators impression and goal for each card. However, how you read those associations can make a huge difference to the quality of reading received.

What is your intuition saying to you?

Trust your instincts when attempting tarot reading, you may be surprised to learn about the messages that await within.

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