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Find your positive influence

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Here is a very simple, (almost self explanatory) exercise that can be started and continually worked on as time goes on. This makes a great online journaling activity due to the amount of editing and revising required. However, can also be written in a great ever-expanding hand written journal or diary format.

Try to write your own eulogy.

Taking time to consider the valuable qualities and traits of yourself, and coming to terms with what or how you have contributed to others' lives can be empowering. You may be able to look at yourself in a way you hadn't before. Or you may decide you'd like to build on some of those qualities to be more impactful or helpful, or considerate, etc. Know that what is being created is not actually a eulogy from this point on. But, a working document that can be revised as often as your point of view changes. Keep to positive thoughts and comments, and think to how you would want to be celebrated, or known for.

Don't stop revising it.

Over time we make decisions and go through changes that effect our prospectives on life and determine our outcomes in the future. Keep your eulogy written somewhere and make the necessary changes over time. Keep adding to it as you add to your contribution to the world during your time here. Focus on attributes which suite the description of yourself, and what's to be loved or lost if/when a eulogy one day is actually needed.

Not a real Eulogy.

Of course, this is an example of a shadow work exercise and is not meant to be a structure to design or have influence on the process of writing an actual Eulogy. This writing exercise can help to find and acknowledge the positive influences we have and may not realize it. It can be a useful way to understand our shadows better and more clearly, bringing them into light. Each of us individually are very important in the roles we play in the broader world around us. This happens in ways we may not even be aware of, which can make us feel insignificant or unable - when there could be nothing farther from the truth!

Find your truth & you'll find yourself.

Blessed be

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