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Turn negative to positive

Within Shadow work, you may discover hidden traits about yourself which seem negative. Perhaps this manifests as a "pet peeve" of some kind, or an intolerable behavior which you just can't stand to see from others, or from yourself for that matter.

Without realizing it, we often make assumptions about others, and also ourselves that are negative from our own point of view.

For example, if you've always felt shy growing up, then speaking up in front of a crowd may feel like something you'd rather avoid later in life. You may view yourself a not being good at or able to do such a thing. The negative beliefs that you have about yourself can be challenged. It can be reversed. One way to do this is with affirmations.

Something as simple as saying to yourself every day: "I am an excellent public speaker, and people want to hear what I have to say." Keep repeating it in your head or saying it out loud. Try speaking to yourself in a mirror, or writing your thoughts down in a journal. You'll find yourself feeling less anxious and more prepared over time the more you do it.

Also, another good exercise is to try to pay close attention to the words that you use to describe the events that happen throughout your day. If you can catch yourself, swap out negative words and phrases for positive ones. For example, if you have done something incorrect, instead of saying something negative like, "Damn, i screwed that up!" Rather, try to say something in a more positive light, like, "That could have been done better!". If the situation happens at work, this will make you come across as more capable, or professionable. When talking to others, avoid starting or ending sentences with "I think" or "I'm not sure." Instead, use "I believe," which puts you in charge of the thought and conveys more confidence. Other phrases like "in my opinion" also make you sound less confident. Just get to the point and remove any unnecessary verbosity.

Be yourself. It's always appropriate to own up to your mistakes, apologize for wrongs, or to try to make things right again. How you do that can make a huge difference in the impression that is made. Think positive! The less negative we look at and experience life with, the higher vibrations we can acheive towards enlightenment.

How did this connect with giving tarot readings, you ask? Well, even negative messages to be delivered should be explained in a considerate and compassionate way. At no time do I suggest dulling down any messages from a tarot reading, and I certainly would not avoid saying messages that are received because they may be negative. As a tarot reader one can not foresee how messages will be perceived or be related to. And so, messages should be delivered appropriately and to the point avoiding extra wordiness that may confuse or influence the messages received.

Explaining that sometimes going through something negative can lead to a positive outcome, can help to hear harsh messages from the cards.

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