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Build confidence

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

When not feeling confident, or when feeling burnt out or low on energy, is not the best time to do divination, such as tarot readings.

If this happens to you, i'd suggest to simplify - When feeling tired, sometimes the smallest ritualistic expressions can be the most moving. If still wanting to refer to tarot, instead of doing a full reading spread for yourself, try a three card spread, or a one card advice pull. It doesn't need to be elaborate or complicated when you don't have the energy. It's very important that you feel confident during tarot readings and that you trust your intuition.

Here is a simple visualization exercise in which you can build on previously gained confidence.

Close your eyes and calm your mind. Think back to a previous experience when you felt confident in what you weren't doing. When you may have had more energy and focus. Or maybe the last time you achieve which you desire. Remember that time and hold that image in your mind's eye.

Think about what it is that you were doing? Who was with you there? What was the reaction that you got from others? How did you feel during? - feel that now. Or when it was over, did you feel proud of yourself? - feel that pride again. Focus on that positive energy and confidence from the past experience. Hold on to that feeling. Hold it and while you open your eyes, bring it back with you to the present.

As you may have been able to tell by now, I very much support and appriciate journaling. Try writing down how you feel. Make note of your strengths and what you are proud of. Remind yourself that you've done it before, and can do it again! Know that each and every one of us are unique and all have different qualities.

Now when you feel some confidence again, you can build on that confidence. It's so easy to feel less confident when wasting time on social media platforms watching others focus on the positives and rarely mention the negative. This really encourages comparing yourself to others and vise versa. Always keep in mind that most posts or videos you see on YouTube or Instagram, etc. don't actually reflect reality. Most only share the good, or possitive, or 'the shiny side of the coin'. Nobody's life is perfect.

Confidence comes from believing in yourself, trusting your own abilities, and understanding where you are in your own path or in your own personal journey. Comparing yourself to other people who only sharing the "good" things in their lives can make it more difficult to recognize the reality that life os hard. But, we have our own personal achievements! Due to this, it would be my suggestion to avoid social media when you're feeling unsure of yourself or if feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, or when you're about to do something challenging. Instead, grab a journal and write about the things you've done that you're proud of. Or write comments and feedback to yourself, or redo the visualization exercise above.

Keep and boost your confidence! There are also some studies that have shown that our appearance, and how we represent ourselves, can effect how we think of ourselves. What we do to improve our look, do our hair, or the clothes that we wear, etc. can increase feeling protected and secure in ourselves, as well as heighten other people's impressions. There may be "that outfit" perhaps a dress, or suit, pair of jeans, piece of jewelry, or a certain crystal in your pocket, etc. that make us feel amazing or powerful. Wear these things when you need a quick confidence boost or if having a dull day, in order to maintain your confidence levels.

Do what feels right to you and be proud of yourself. Look back at your accomplishments and be proud of what you've done and who you are. I can guarantee you've taken steps on you path away from where you started, and moving you forward to where you are today - reflect on that journey and occasionally take a moment to celebrate yourself!

Spend some time honouring yourself. Perhaps a self-love ritual bath would help. Witchcraft is a study. Even professors take sabbaticals!Cut yourself some slack. When you're ready, you'll immerse yourself once again.

Be confident. Trust your instincts, and follow your intuition.

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