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Other examples of shadow work

It should be said that the information on my website, in my blog or received during reading sessions do not substitute for medical or professional advice and is meant for personal self reflection.  It's a guidance tool that works with intuition to help solve problems by looking at potential outcomes. 

Although I do highly recommend and share many journaling exercises that can be used to Shadow Work, writing activities is not the only way to get to know your inner self. In fact, it is just one of so many different ways to get to know your inner self better.

Shadow work journal exercise suggestions are available at:

Other examples of the different sources for shadow work that come to mind include (but, not limited to):

Self Reflection

Energy work

Yoga / Tai Chi / Karate etc.



Recreational activities

Life Coaching

Singing / Choir


Dream work



Learning a musical instrument

Spending time within nature

Ancestry research

... Etc. (Basically, anything that examines the "inner-self").

There are so many ways in which to explore your subconscious aside to journaling.

So, you may wonder "what does this have to do with tarot readings?" Well, getting to know yourself better is absolutely essential in order to recognize and separating your own energy from others. This can be key to being truly helpful when giving objective intuitive readings when explaining the messages in the cards for others.

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