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Take note of emotional reactions

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

An emotional activation is the response you have when you’re not engaging reason and logic to understand your feelings accordingly. This can come from unaltered emotional wounds from our past experience. Like, in the way how a scent or sound or specific sight can remind of a sudden memory from deep within our minds, bringing it to the surface for a quick sudden moment. This can cause emotional outburst. Like a reflex. It’s important to notice, because – if you pay attention to that quick moment – it may provide you with important information. If you have the courage to examine your emotional activators, also known as triggers, then you can find out a lot about your inner self that is subconsciously hidden from us (also known as the shadow self).

First, begin to notice when big feelings and strong emotional reactions occur. It can happen unexpectedly. You’re looking for patterns, so that you can begin to identify the activator. For example, what brought on the strong emotions? Was it a certain sound? Or a specific smell? Or does it revolve around another person? or as you enter an uncomfortable place? or maybe the texture or touch of an object? Etc. You will need to be objective and dispassionate -- which is not easy to do.

Try to journal the answers while asking yourself the following questions:

? - What specific words, actions, situation, or person caused your reaction?

? - How did you react? Consider not only the physical manifestation, but more significantly the feeling(s) driving that physical manifestation.

? - How did you feel? Why?

? - Where have those feelings come from? Or, during the emotional activation what can you recall, if anything?

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