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Our shadow selves can be our best ally

Dark unknown qualities of our shadow selves can be elusive and mysterious to us. It's referred to as "dark" or "shadow" because it is unseen. Not necessarily because it is somehow bad or evil as some tend to imagine. Discovery of the unknown from a glace can appear frightening or confusing at first. After all, fear is most often built on the bases of missunderstandings. But, not all of these unknown shadowy traits are disadvantages, from trauma nor wounds from our past. Even though parts of our shadow, not all of them come from a dark place. Positive qualities can also elude us.

A couple of examples of this that come to mind are, Bravery and Courage. These are qualities that are often hidden within, unknowingly there until circumstances awaken it from within to act in the moment. Quite often when a person is declared a hero, they may say somethings like, "I'm not a hero, I'm just an average person who did the right thing.", Or "I didn't even know I had it in me!", Or "It was an impulsive reflex and I just reacted without thinking". These are examples of the shadow self reacting or taking control in a positive way.

Other examples that comes to mind are, instincts, or intuition. We may not fully understand our instincts at times as human beings, aspects of our inner selves, or even human nature for that matter. But, when instincts kick in, these messages are usually understood -- loud and clear. You can't silence a mother's intuition about their crying baby's needs. These feelings come from deep within our subconscious, our inner selves, the unknown recesses of our mind, ...our shadow.

Beginning to learn about, understand and know the unknown parts of ourselves allows to understand our soul and life path or soul contacts more clearly.

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