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Meditation as assistance

Helping to relax your inner self, meditation can assist to gain answers about behavior and inner feelings. It allows you to dig deeper for utmost healing and better understanding of your inner self.

While meditating and exploring, it's important to feel the emotions which are discovered. You can not confront your shadow self without realizing and acknowledging it's there first. If you are scared of anything, then don’t turn your back. Instead, face it and own up to your emotions. Journaling about them will enable you to explore more about them and can lead to finding ways of healing.

For example, when I was a young boy I was very affraid of spiders. With meditation, researching and journaling of my fears, I gained a new understanding of the eight legged creatures that for some reason terrified me. After further reflections through meditation I became less and less afraid of them. Now, I haven't been afraid of spiders since. I'm also not triggered by others mentioning them or taking about the topic allowing me to comfortably discuss it in detail when appropriate.

This type of shadow work can be very useful to a tarot reader regarding any personal issues in order to remain objective during self readings and when doing readings for others. It's extremely important to remain objective during readings and not allowing your own thoughts or ego interfere with the messages received.

Meditations can be solo, or guided. There are many guided meditation videos available online through YouTube that may be useful as a way to get started.

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