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Have compassion for yourself

Be gentle with yourself in doing shadow work. Especially as you are first getting started -- start off slow and don't feel like you need to dedicate too much time to it. Don't rush the process. After all, it can be very draining and an emotional process to do and can feel heavy to do. Make peace with what you discover about yourself, and be as positive as possible. Work at not retaining more negativity by your reactions as this will just increase your shadowwork to be done. Remember that the goal of shadow work is to know yourself better internally and create acceptance in whatever you find within yourself as you are reflecting. It is important to trust the personal journey that you are on and know that there may be some kind of spiritual purpose involved with lessons learned or past experiences.

Through Shadow work activities and exercises negative past experiences can be addressed and worked through in a productive and healthy way. The process can definitely be challenging and does take time to work through. Using prompts to jump-start reflection can be a helpful tool to get started. Such as, but not limited to, the prompts mentioned in this previous blog:

Using Shadow work to confront and heal my own shadow self has been an essential step for me as an intuitive reader. In knowing and understatement my true inner self well enough, I am able to maintain focus, remain objective and disallow my own ago or personal thoughts or past experiences to reflect on, interfere with or disrupt my ability to deliver clear messages during intuitive, tealeaf, rune or tarot readings. This is why I speak so greatly of of shadowwork on my tarot website at and in these blogs, and as well on my other magickal practitioner website and blog at

Please feel free to submit a practice related question. If I am able to help you on your path in your own journey as a practitioner of magick, or as an intuitive reader, I definitely will. Be confident with yourself, and have compassion for your journey.

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