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Growing from doing shadow work

Tarot reading requires objective-ness, intuition, and self confidence to be able to assist others effectively. This is why i strongly recommend Shadow work to those learning to give themselves self readings, as well as those hoping to offer readings to others.

Shadow work can be a gateway to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

The value of these kinds of workings is that you are able to unify your unconscious self and mind with your conscious self and mind. This allows you to come closer to reaching a sense of peace and harmony within yourself. We are all human and possess aspects of human nature within us. It is important to acknowledge that these qualities and traits exist, and to remain confident when noticing them. Any feelings of guilt or shame should NOT be tolerated. Recognise that these traits do exist and accept them as a part of your whole being. This is a healthy part of doing shadow work, and should be approached with compassion, respect and self love.

Individual growth upwards can not progress of you are putting ourselves down. The way to be confident is to understand and accept yourself for who you are internally and externally.

If you are not yet confident during tarot readings, the value, potential and opportunity to help others can be missed.

Trust your instincts and follow your intuition.

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