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Energy recognition

Updated: May 10, 2022

The types of journaling exercises described in this blog are just one way to help with getting to know the "inner self'' well, and to acknowledge and accept what is found within our own shadows which is very much a part of our energy.

There are so many ways to get to know our inner selves better, be it journaling, meditation, exploring ancestry or childhood history, or perhaps though counseling or therapy, - it's really about getting to know our whole selves better - inside and out.

Nobody is perfect, and that's ok. We often repress attributes that don't quite fit into the conscious image we have of ourselves.

For one lite example: some who may pride themselves on being highly organised may also find that sometimes they do not live up to that image of perfection for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with being very organized and there’s also nothing wrong with being a bit scattered at times either.

To get to know your own energy, you must know and accept yourself fully, and be able to face and embrace all aspects of yourself. Recognizing our own energy is how we can begin to distinguish our own from the energy of others, leading to more in-depth readings.

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