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Do not shame the shadow

Your shadow self as a whole are made up of many different parts of yourself that have been hidden beneath the surface of consciousness. We may have pushed traits deep down inside or rejected aspects of ourselves, or viewed parts of us as noncompliant in society.

Once you start to know and understand these traits of your shadow (of your innerself) it is extremely important in my view not to shame yourself for having shadows. Pushing away aspects of yourself will only cause your shadow self to grow and interfere with your life even more. One way to describe Shadow work is to bring your dark to the light. Experiencing these strong feelings and confronting past trauma is a very uncomfortable and sometimes hurtful experience and so, take your time give yourself patience and try to heal from old wounds.

Embrace all aspects of yourself. As a human being it is normal to be different and unique in our own ways individually. Show your shadow self kindness and understanding and give yourself compassion, support and most importantly, love.

Love yourself for who you are, inside and out. The confidence that can be gained from doing shadow work will aid all areas of life.

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