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About the cards (part 1)

In this blog, I thought i would share about the tarot decks that i use to give readings and a little about how i use them, and the relationship formed with each.


I'll start off with my oldest deck: the Rider Waite Smith deck:

This deck was my very first deck that was gifted to me (used) when i was twelve years old. The original owner who did not want them anymore handed them to me in hopes that i could make better sense of them and put them to good use. As strange as it may sound, it felt at the time as though the cards found their way to me. This was my introduction to tarot reading and after about three years of studying the cards and their meanings, i began giving tarot readings to others. At first, i struggled to memorize each card's description within the book that came with it. However, the more that i relied on my intuition to understand them, the more i was able to connect with their meanings that coincided with the book. I currently still use this deck for self readings almost every morning each day.

When I give tarot readings to others, i like to use my Morgan Greer deck:

This deck has the same symbolic imagery as the Ride Waite Smith deck and is used the same except that the art is more colorful and softer on the eyes to look at. This is why i like to use this deck to give tarot readings to others as my clients tend to relate more with these more colourful pictures even though the messages received are usually the same. Both decks mentioned above have traditional suites such as Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles and higher arcana cards in the traditional order. This specific deck started my profession as a tarot reader which makes it important to me and I always use it to give readings to others.

There are times when I feel i should expand on certain readings that i give, in which case i sometimes ask for advice from the Zen Deck:

This deck does have a tarot structure to it, except the main suites are North, East, South, and West and has a similar higher arcana path. But, there are no reversed meanings for these cards. It can also be used as an oracle. The messages from this deck are usually very insightful and helpful. So much so that i often will ask it for advice for myself as well as on behalf of my client's readings too. It is able to expand on the messages beautifully that are already received from a layout or spread and quite often provides assistance in understanding one's self.

Another deck that is similar for tarot/oracle use, except focused for magickal practitioners is the Inner Wisdom Deck:

The official name for this deck is actually the "Witch's Inner Wisdom" tarot deck. The imagery and symbolisms all connect with Wiccan and nature based symbols and teachings. It has a traditional tarot structure. But, with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as the main suites, and the path of the higher arcana is reversed. As a magickal practitioner myself, it has been an excellent choice for intuitive readings, shadow work readings and speaks so clearly in its messages often confirming any intentions that are involved. This is currently my favourite deck that I've connected so far.

A similar deck to this is the Modern Pagan tarot deck:

The imagery and symbolisms of this deck all connect with pagan symbols and teachings. Many of the art balances modern technology and circumstancs with pagan traditions and rituals. Being pagan myself, i connect with this deck very much. It has an interesting way of mixing day to day tasks and activities with the realm of magick and nature. Messages from these cards are often precise and to the point.


Thank you for reading my blog about some of the tarot decks that i use regularly to give intuitive readings. If you are interested to learn more about these decks, please feel free to check out my tarot deck blog category at

In part 2 (coming soon) i will expand on my Oracle decks featured if my Oracle blog category -- so, stay tuned!

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