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This tarot deck is another that also found its way to me as if the deck had energetically found their way to me as their intended new owner. The previous owner had gifted them to me after it did not serve them for years, and wanted someone to get some proper use from them. It was an impactful relationship from the start.

The Zen tarot deck was originally created by a very intuitive man known as "Osho" and includes the artwork of Ma Deva Padma (Susan Morgan). Osho taught the discovery of "the door to living a life in a timeless dimension of the present". He called himself a "true existentialist" and devoted his life to provoking others to seek the same door, to step out of the world of past, and future, and discover for themselves the world of eternity. During the course of thirty years Osho was tasked with answering questions or commenting on teachings of the world's greatest beliefs, scriptures and popular religions.

This attitude towards life is that of laughter, of enjoying, of celebrating. It is not life-affirmative. It accepts all that is. Within this deck, it's creator concentrated on transmitting the unique wisdom of Zen, a spiritual tradition whose approach to the inner life of human beings has weathered the test of time and is still relevant to contemporary humanity.

Can be used as a tarot deck or also as an Oracle and can bring a fresh insight to everything.

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