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Rider Waite Smith

This was my very first deck. Mostly used by myself for personal self readings. This is the deck with which I originally learned tarot and the significance of self readings.

When using this deck for giving readings to others, I find that the information and messages received tend to me more like a view of the subject from my own 3rd person perspective. It's usually like messages I understand and my subject has to interpret my meaning. And so, I prefer to use this deck for my own personal self readings and I generally use my Morgan Greer Tarot Deck to give readings to others.

Self readings are important to me and are done regularly. It has become a large part of my daily morning routine on most days. Within these readings I will sometimes use several different spreads to gain personal messages, to foretell how I can expect my day to go, or I sometimes just do a general reading and see what is brought forth to the surface from the recesses of my mind.

The symbolism, imagery, and structure of the Rider Waite Smith tarot resonate with needs, thoughts, feelings, and cares. Relating the messages to your own question or personal situations can offer guidance, insight and new perspectives.

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