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Morgan Greer

This is my main tarot deck for giving readings to others. The Morgan Greer deck is heavily based on the symbolism and imagery of the Rider Waite Smith deck. But, it offers more colourful and calming artistry by Morgan Greer which in my opinion creates a nicer modern display for my quarrant/client's readings.

With my understanding and experience from my own self readings using the same symbolisms, I am able to intuitively use this deck to give readings to others. The messages received within readings with this deck are sometimes more understood by my quarrant/client than myself requiring them to interpret the messages that I deliver. It's as if the messages are presented from their perspective of the subject or situation rather than from mine. This is why I prefer to use this deck to give readings to others.

Personally, I like to use my Rider Waite Smith deck, which was my first tarot deck, for my own personal self readings which I still do regularly.

They're are many other Oracle decks which I also use to expand upon my readings which can be very insightful.

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