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3, 6, 9 exercise

Think of something which you would like to have brought into your life.

What ever it may be: Be it perhaps a trait of yourself that you'd like to improve? or maybe to achieve a better position in your work? or gain better job? It really can be about absolutely anything whatsoever which you want to change about your life.

Focus on whatever it is that you would like to change, and try to come up with a short sentence that describes the success of those changes.

For example, for someone wanting to increase their success in finances, one's affirming sentence might be, "I'm grateful for the promotion received".

In the morning tell yourself that sentence which you came up with that describes the success of the desired change, and repeat it three times.

In the afternoon tell yourself that same sentence six times repetitively.

And in the evening tell yourself that same sentence nine times repetitively.

Each time that you say the affirmative, day it with intention and confidence.

Repeat until desired changes have reached you.

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