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The use of crystal balls during readings

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

If you've received a reading from me via video chat, then you've probably noticed my crystal ball in the centre of my tarot table. In fact, many of the pictures used for my website were taken of my tarot table.

They're are many ways to focus one's mind. Myself personally, I like to use a crystal ball to calm, focus and ground myself which allows me to meditate, scrye or mediate more efficiently. I currently have three crystal balls that I use for separate purposes: a small one I like to hold during mediumship; a medium sized one that I use for focus and meditation while traveling; and a large one that I like to keep in the centre of my table during rune casting, Wittan guidance sessions, and tarot readings.

With regards to tarot readings, I use the crystal ball to remain in a state of mind which I can be as objective as possible with my querent's subject and speak from the cards influence -- not from my own ego or thoughts. This technique has taken years of shadow work to know myself well enough and much practice to recognize the boundary of my own mind and realize any external influences that I may intuitively pick up on.

All of my crystal balls are polished solid clear quartz crystals and are cleansed regularly with smoke/sound and cleaned periodically with a mugwart infusion.

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