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Trans-dimensional readings

It should be mentioned that if you are just starting out with learning tarot, it is recommended that you first become completely comfortable with the cards, layouts and spreads of a single deck used before attempting readings involving multiple decks or more than one deck at a time.

In order to expand on the messages from within a single reading session, the focus and intention can be spanned across other cards from different decks. These additional cards are pulled to elaborate on details of the reading messages so far, or to gain further insight from the same reading, or to receive advice based on the details of the same reading, etc.

It is never recommended to exceed the intended spread or layout by pulling additional cards from the same single deck originally used for a reading once the cards have been drawn. One must accept the messages received and trust intuition to understand the messages. However, there may be times when the way to move forward isn't clear and so some advice can still be appriciated.

Remaining objective and focused, the energy of readings can be transferred to other decks for extended elaboration of messages. This process is still part of the initial reading and so the question, topic or subject of the reading does not change through out and the details of the extended messages received are delivered to the same querrent or client. Trans-dimensional readings take place all in the same tarot session.

Working with more than one tarot deck within one single reading session is known as a trans-dimentional reading. In other words, gaining the seperate perspectives from the different realms of more than one deck at a time within the same reading. For example, my signifier position is always fulfilled by a one card impression pull from one tarot deck (usually Rider-Waite) before I start a full reading using another seperate tarot deck (usually either Morgan Greer, Pagan tarot or Witch's Wisdom tarot).

The main tarot decks that I like to use within readings for others can be viewed at:

When this is done with even more decks, such as three or more, this is referred to as a multi-dimensional reading. For example, after a full reading, the messages received can be expanded on with the use of certain tarot or oracle decks with an additional 1-3 cards depending on the intention. This is also true for mixed medium readings such as a tarot reading with a tea reading added. Or, a tarot reading with a related rune reading respectfully, etc.

My main Oracle decks that I like to use within readings for others can also be viewed at:

It takes a lot of time, practice and experience truely getting to know each of the decks used in order to do trans-dimentional or multi-dimensional readings successfully.

Be patient.

Trust your instincts.

Follow your intuition.

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