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Jumping cards

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

When shuffling decks of cards, occasionally cards may pop out or fall out appearing to literally jump out of the deck by themselves. In tarot, these care referred to as jumping cards

Pay attention to cards that seem to jump out of the deck or fall out while shuffling. There are no coincidences in tarot, and so it is not recommended that you ignore these cards during readings. Jumping cards usually deliver significant messages needing to be heard.

When ever I handle my tarot decks, I'm charging my energy and intention into the cards. As an empath skilled at energy transference, I am ever mindful of anomalies that occur when shuffling the deck. Querents who shuffle the deck before a reading are particularly susceptible to clumsy shuffles that result in cards dropping out of the deck. That said, it doesn’t mean that these jumping cards should be discounted as “accidents.”

Occasionally, even a seasoned card shuffler can experience jumping cards. Quickly take note of the card that fall (or jumped) during a shuffle and then you can return it to the deck. Some tarot readers will consider the jumping cards the first or next drawn card in the spread used. This should be completely up to your intuition and may depend on the spread that is being used. This is common when dealing a basic one card or three card spread. For more complicated spreads used, the jumping cards can be returned to the deck to continue shuffling and charging the cards before dealing the cards out into the chosen spread.

Every card that makes its way out of the deck should be made note of during self readings and also while doing readings for others.

Jumper cards were also the topic discussed in this Tarot Talk live event:

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