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Foretelling vs forcasts

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Sometimes, I'm asked within a reading to foretell the future for others. As the structure of the lower arcana in tarot teaches us, we all walk our own path in our lives. Tarot cards can only show what our path looks like from the point of the reading, from which the future can be forcaste.

I'd like to elaborate a bit more on this previous brief blog entry about fortune telling:

As mentioned, The future is fluid -- The choices that we make along our path will direct which ways the path turns in our individual journeys. The decisions made thereafter steer the course of one's path from that point on.

So, for another example, if within the tarot spread used the message in the cards suggested a money gain or a job promotion and then afterwards no attempt is made to gain the money or to acheive the promotion... It probably won't materialize. Where as, if the cards suggest it, and you see the opportunity, you still need to beleive in yourself and do the work involved to acheive it.

On the other hand...

Knowing ahead of time what will happen can change the approach to the foretold outcome. And, although rarely, could even change the outcome altogether. Sometimes, it's actually best not knowing what's going to happen in the future until it happens.

A good example of this seen within traditional Tarot is with the High Priestess Card. Sometimes it's better not to know the outcome of your reading so that it doesn't interfere with the ways in which things are meant to happen in your life path, also referred to as soul-contacts.

II of the higher arcana, the High Preistess card appearing in a spread depending how it sitd as a future position or final outcome position can stand to mean just that: Left unforeseen, so not to interfere with the outcome or fate.

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