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Expect the unexpected.

Relating the messages received within a reading to the circumstances of our lives is how the readings become meaningful. Expecting beforehand to receive very specific message from the cards or rune reading can lead to missed opportunities of insight and reflection.

Always keeping an open mind, accept the messages received. Try to treat unwanted messages received as a warning if continuing down the same path. Anything foreseen within readings are only possibilities based on the current path of circumstances and can be changed with will power by decision making or actions (or non action) moving forward. Decisions made can guide down a new path by changing the circumstances where possible. It's those decisions made that tend to predict the future, not the readings. Tarot cards and runes are like analytical tools for self reflection.

When left unchecked ego can cause disappointment and misunderstandings from the messages within any readings as it derives from our inner selves. This is why, as mentioned in previous blog entries, in my opinion Shadow work is so important whether giving self readings or readings to others. It is the unexpected messages that are usually the most healing, or help most to confirm and clarify the path currently being traveled.

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