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Do not rush a reading...

It can take time and patience to connect with and understand the way that which tarot cards present themselves as laid out into a specific tarot spread. Even when you know the cards really well, and you have a strong relationship with the cards, messages may not stand out right away and may take some deciphering at first. Follow your intuition and trust for instincts.

Take the time required to study the symbolisms of the cards within readings, their positions, and feel how or what it says to you intuitively. Do not rush to see and read the messages.

A rushed reading can lead to a miscommunication with the cards. How a querrent connects the messages of the reading to the details and situation of their own lives is where most benefit is acheive. If the right messages are not portrayed to the querrent, then the opportunity for important perspectives and introspection of their question can be missed. This would greatly lower the quality and assistance of the reading itself. This also fits as well for within self readings.

In my experience, if someone is in a hurry to receive the messages of a reading then they may have come with high expectations or have already decided what they want to hear from the reading. Perhaps a shadow work tarot spread could be suggested in these circumstances to help work through the challenges:

or I may suggest a dilemma spread, or other depending what I think will help to open up thinking to new possibilities and see opportunities:

It is always my advice to beginner tarot readers that within readings to expect the unexpected and to always enter a reading with an open mind.

Thank you for reading my blog! If you have any questions or if I can expand on anything, please do not hesitate to ask by sending me email to or via

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