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About the cards (part 2)

Continuing from the last blog entry in this category titled "About the cards (part 1)' found at I thought i would write further about some of the oracle decks that i use to extend on readings. These are cards that i rely on when further information is necessary, to give advice, to make suggestions, or to analyse the impact involving a subject of any particular reading.


I'll start off with my Zen Deck:

These cards give great advice for my clients when I'm doing readings which may involve facing difficult situations or needing to make tough decisions. Quite often a simple three cards pull from this deck and relating the cards together for messages can provide such helpful insight. The colourful and friendly artwork is often calming to look at and always relate to the subject of readings.

Sometimes, understanding the life path that we are on can help to understand why we are going through certain experiences. That is how this deck can be helpful to expand on tarot readings. These beautiful cards are excellent for giving a prospective that relates to the messages already received. A simple one card draw is enough to create a helpful new perspective.

Based completely on the different aspects of the Moon and times of the year, this deck can draw on timing, intuition, and foresight. The card's messages bring an understanding and balance of the emotions involved within a reading.

These cards are all about the emotional activators that are involved with the subject of the reading. It can be extremely helpful to work through the impacts of emotions and what triggers someone to react or withdraw in a particular moment or situation. The messages are often deep and to the point.

This deck provides a prospective into the past experiences that relate to the subject of the reading. It can also allow insight into how past lives can have effect on the life lived now for my clients. For example, someone who doesn't understand why they are afraid of swimming so intensely may have drowned in a past life, or had a near death experience near water previously. Understanding these experiences can be healing to conquer our fears.

The purpose of this deck is to give advice and understanding to another practitioner of magick. Occasionally, i give readings to whom dabble in the occult or consider themselves a witch and these cards relate to or give suggestion on how particular situations could be handled. The messages can also provide insight into workings necessary to acheive end results or manifestations.


Thank you for reading my blog about some of the oracle decks that i use regularly to expand on intuitive readings. If you are interested to learn more about these decks, please feel free to check out my oracle deck blog category at

In part 3 (coming soon) I will mention about some of the tarot and oracle decks that i use personally, for my own readings that are not used to give readings to others. Stay tuned!

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