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Shadow Work

It's called Shadow work because it involves getting to know every part of ourselves that can not be seen by others and sometimes not even realized by ourselves. It can be difficult to explore darker sides of our personalities, or parts of ourselves that we try to hide from the world. But, learning to face all emotions regarding past experiences or feelings that are kept deep within can be empowering in itself building confidence and inner strength.

One way to get started that I recommend is by keeping a journal or diary where the entries are meant to create little reflections of yourself over time. Given this purpose, I like to call this a book of mirrors. In it, entries can include written stories, activities or exercises, or whatever you can use to personally analyse thoughts or feelings on a particular topic.  

A good example of one of these activities is the creation of what's commonly known as a bucket list. Generally speaking, a bucket list is a sort of checklist of things to which one wants to accomplish or experience in their life before they die. Looking at how many of those items remain unchecked can help to create a plan of action before opportunities are missed. 

Another example would be writing all the things that you do not prefer about yourself, or wanting to change. Whether it's laziness, or lack of passion, or other vices. This can help to understand the alterations or changes needed from our own behaviour in order to make ourselves healthier or happier. 

Check out the Blog section on this website by clicking the button below to see postings with more ideas for shadow work exercises.  

There are so many ways to which this can be applied. Exploring and understanding the hidden truths of ourselves allows us to know our true and pure intentions. This is powerful when working with energy. In my opinion, this makes Shadow work an important place to get started for any practitioner of magick.  

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