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Stafford Tarot Intuitive Readings online and in Guelph Ontario and surrounding areas

Working with energy

When you feel energy, what you’re really feeling is the impact that the energy has on your energy. The key is noticing the change to your own energy created by that reflection.  When working with people's energy, most people’s energy is changing all the time. 
If you think of energy as a symphony, with dozens of musicians playing at once. It’s beautiful, but it’s hard to pick out a single musician.  When listening for energy, that’s like trying to hear a single musician, a soloist amongst the orchestra.  Just like how the other instruments have to become quiet to allow the soloist to be heard, you must quiet your own energy in order to sense the energy of others.

What specifically does quieting energy mean? Quieting energy is remaining steady, smooth, and calm. Being flexible and responsive, not rigid or tense. Energy can move, keeping it slow and gentle. Above all, quiet energy listens and responds.

Energy is everywhere. It is a part of us and every item and object that surrounds us.  We can interact physically and energetically with our environment.  The balancing of energies is an important aspect of all workings in my craft.  Energy work is used within many different practices, such as mediumship, metaphysical healing, working with nature or wildlife or deity, sensing or scrying and also includes working with rune reading and tarot cards.  

Especially during the casting of the runes or during the shuffling of tarot cards. While doing so, am energetically charging of intention is taking place (for example the question of my client) and feeling the reflection of that energy return is how to know how to read the answer.  

For example, when casting runes it's the energetic draw of the symbols and their positions in the layout used that guides a rune reading, or when shuffling tarot cards it's the energy of the cards that lets me know when to stop or which card to choose.  Again, just like runes it's the energetic draw of the symbolism in the tarot card's design and spread used that guides a tarot reading. 

Aside from oracles, there are many different rune sets and tarot decks to choose from when you are ready to purchase your own and get started with doing your own readings.  To know which to choose, you should select the one that energetically "feels" right to you. 

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