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About the cards (part 3)

Continuing from the last blog entry in this category titled "About the cards (part 2)' found at I wanted to also share more about some of the oracle decks that i use for personal self readings. These are cards that I don't use for giving readings to others. However, I use them to receive myself some advice or guidance, to make suggestions, or gain new perspectives on particular situations that arise in my life.


The Elemental Oracle deck

This deck combines alchemy of science with the forces of nature to give intuitive Oracle readings. With the focus on earth, air, fire, water, lunar, solar and north, east, south and west, and elements of nature. These cards can provide insight and perspectives with a variety of uses.

Shamanic Healing Oracle

These cards focus on energies, fears, or wrong beleifs that could be holding you back with the use of natural imagery. This deck gives insight personal empowerment and trust in intuitive abilities and can be used for personal growth, spiritual clarity, energetic oneness and self awareness and healing.

Gratitude cards

This deck focuses on the law of attraction and helps to evaluate what it is that is invited into our lives. Recommended to be used at discussion times of the day, these cards help with personal growth, self empowerment and collective well being. Each has a specific message, affirmation and recommendation to change or enhance one's vibrations.

The Making Magick deck

These are two versions of this deck, a full sized and a miniature sized. This is the minute size deck which features a combination of medieval amulets, Celtic charms, alchemical glyphs, and sigils which are accompanied by an explanation of how each card's symbol can help to manifest desires. That symbols can be chosen and used with a variety of rituals and workings.

The Spellcasting Oracle deck

These cards are meant to help connect with the inner practitioner of magick. They help to harness supernatural wisdom in order to empower our heal a journey. This deck gives amazing advice to workings and connects with the intentions of a magickal caster.

Tarot for kids deck

This deck was purchased for my children to use and i also like to give my children readings with these cards. Each is based on the traditional Rider Waite Smith symbolisms. However, changed to the perspective of youths and children. It is an excellent beginners tarot deck to teach and learn intuitive tarot reading and can assist with decision making, creative thinking, and learning to trust intuition.


Thank you for reading my blog about some of the oracle decks that i personally use in self readings. If you are interested to learn more about some of the decks that i use to give readings to others, please feel free to check out my tarot deck blog category at or check out my oracle deck blog category at

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