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About group mediumship

Updated: May 6

As a psychic medium, I'm often asked to direct my focus on the energetic reflections around an individual sitter to sense the presences of passed loved ones around them. 

This previous blog entry explains more about individual spirit mediumship 

Group mediumship is similar, only with multiple participants. This is not the same thing as what's commonly known as a séance. In a séance spirits are being called in or drawn to a location or object in order to attempt communication. In a group mediumship session, communication more involves connecting with already present spirits.

Our loved ones' energies are always around us.

During a group session, each participant has an opportunity for such one on one readings of themselves, as well as a group experience together and can choose from the various divination forms of readings that I offer.  

Quite often the messages communicated from spirit wont make sense to me. However, make absolute sense to the sitters of my readings.  Messages are often what is needed to be delivered by the spirit themselves.

Tarot cards, as well as other divination tools can also assist with mediumship readings to be used as a communication tool.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at 519 835 1749 or or

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