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About mediumship sessions

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Mediumship had already always been something that I have ablidged to do upon request within tarot readings while I have attend in person events or festivals during private reading sessions. I even offer special tarot spreads using my mediumship skills to request spirit to assist me in the ordering of the cards and using the messages of the tarot to deliver general messages. However, I hadn't previously offered Mediumship as a service itself, ... Until now!

Thanks to Melissa's Mediumship program at I have been able to build on my ability to receive specific messages, be more confident with what I'm sensing and also now create better spiritual boundaries for myself. Confident and grounded in what I've already been doing with mediumship so far, I have decided to expand mediumship into its own category of service.

Psychic Mediumship

$50 / 30 minites

During a mediumship reading session with me, there is no expectation to share any information beforehand, no need to bring any objects, nor pictures with you, etc.  We will simply meet, i will explain what it is that I do, and then I will take a moment to connect with the energies and spirits around you.  Whilst requesting confirmations through out, I will interpret the messages that come through. Once validated, questions can be asked. Quite often the messages wont make sense to me. However, make absolute sense to the sitter of my readings.  Messages are often what is needed to be delivered by the spirit themselves.

Prorated means that if you paid for an hour ($100) and only use half of the time (30 minutes) in the reading, you would only pay half the hourly rate ($50). It's not often someone sits with me for over an hour in one session, tarot or otherwise.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 519-835-1749 or or connect and reach out at

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