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About Fundraiser Involvement

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

If there is a fundraiser that is collecting donated services, I'd be happy to contribute by offering free readings. Please feel free to contact me at if interested to receive donated Stafford Tarot gift certificates. These can be sold or auctioned off to help raise money for your fundraiser goal.  

This would be perfect for a a Fundraising Gala, or Silent Auction event, for example.

Please include in your email the fundraising campaign link (if possible), the organization or school involved, the reason for and goal of the fundraiser, and main contact information.

It is understood that fundraising campaigns are not always a one day event and some can span over a period of time.

Gift Certificates purchased through fundraisers can also be gifted to relatives or friends, etc. And, can be redeemed at any in-person events that Stafford Tarot is attending. Alternatively, sessions can be arranged remotely over Zoom. And so, does not need to be exclusive to Guelph or Surrounding areas in Ontario.

More about gift certificates is available at:

Donated Reading Sessions for Fundraising Events are valued at $50 each certificate which can be redeemed by the owner to receive a 30 minute professional tarot reading.

Frequently Asked Questions are also available at:

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