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About Gift Certificates

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Gift the gift of a professional private reading!

Perfect for celebrating any event: birthdays; weddings; graduations; new jobs, retirement; employee appriciation; gift to a teacher; etc.

Stafford Tarot gift certificates are available to download and can be printed for you to fill out the provided activation code and give as a physical gift:

However, unless to present as a gift, there is otherwise no need to download a physical gift certificate. The activation code or phrase that is provided when purchasing a gift certificate acts almost like a password that is given at the beginning of the reading to identify and redeem the session as a pre-paid reading. It is the activation code that unlocks the prepayment attached to the gift certificate.

The amount paid for the gift certificate is held in trust and will determine the length of time for the reading. The rate is: $25/15 minute intervals. For example, $50 would cover a full 30 minute reading. If not all of the time is used the remaining time can be saved for a future session until the amount of time purchased with the particular gift certificate runs out. For example, only a short 15 minute reading is requested with a $50 certificate amount, then $25 value will remain and can be used to receive another short 15 minute reading at a later date.

Gift certificates can be not only be redeemed for in person readings or remote readings over zoom. But, are also accepted at markets or festivals where Stafford Tarot is attending and giving readings.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or

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