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The Sacred Meadow Circle Astral Chat

The Sacred Meadow Circle is an online international diverse assortment of witches that keep in contact and seek support in their discovery and learning of witchcraft.  Anyone can participate! There is no requirement other than looking for help or support in setting up a meaningful practice in the craft, or meeting other witches. 


Quite often an example or reference to a starting point is all that's required to become grounded within beginning to set up your own witchy practice.   Join us for this magickal chat experience!

Virtual gatherings usually start at 7 PM EST until about 9 PM EST. 

Check the Upcoming events section at for next dates.

If registered, an invitation email will be sent out before the next meeting date which will include a join link that can be clicked on at the start time of the scheduled meeting.

* Please note -- These virtual meetings are not recorded.  However, please be prepared that other meeting participants as well as myself will be able to see you when your camera is on. And so, I just ask for consideration to your surroundings that may be visible within your camera's view range.

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