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The Dark Hunger Moon Oracle card pull for Fri. Feb. 9th, 2024

This Dark Hunger Moon sits in Aquarius encouraging us to re-evaluate the life in which we live and who we are living it with. Negativity attracts negativity. And so, avoid feelings of envy or jealousy, etc. More exercise may be required n order to feel better about yourself. Change and own your current situation. Especially if laziness is a factor - get moving! Chase your dreams and focus less on the money, for now. Shine your own light! It's your time to blossom. Make something from nothing! Begin with small accomplishments and grow them into large accomplishments. Magick is everywhere, in everything! The next step starts with you putting another foot forward and begin to walk the path ahead. Stand firm in what you want for yourself. Your dreams may need a practical plan to grow and nurture them into reality. Trust your instincts!

The Dark Hunger Moon Oracle Pull - Friday February 9th, 2024

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