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A special thank you to Lindsay Knight

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

A special thank you goes out to Lindsay Knight for allowing me to feature her online beginners course to learn tarot for free.

Although I didn't learn tarot from this course, I really resonate with the lessons, appriciate the teaching methods used in the videos, and I also look up to Lindsay as an experienced tarot reader and numerologist.

For more information about Lindsay please feel free to visit the 9th Vibration website:

For more videos by Lindsay, please visit her YouTube channel where Lindsay has even posted past live readings:

"The 9th Vibration GTown"

The 9th Vibration is a metaphysical store which is located in Guelph, ON. at 6 - 497 Woolwich Street. It is like a treasure trove of crystals, tarot cards, oracles, singing bowls and many other wonderful items and supplies. They also feature regular guests and tarot readers which I'd totally recommend as they can offer a variety of different techniques and perspectives. The 9th Vibration also has other in house and remote services.

If you're in the Guelph area, be sure to check it out! 👍👍

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