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Solar Eclipse - Falling Leaf Dark Moon Oracle card pull - Sat. Oct. 14th, 2023

This Falling Leaves Dark Moon sitting in Libra brings realization of our relationships and the changes that may be necessary. This is a special new moon as it will feature a solar eclipse which may make these energies profoundly deep digging. This may reveal some hidden shadows, eluminating them for us to see and can now be able to sort through. Meditation can help if you find this process intense. Emotions may be getting the best of you lately as your inner child seems to be retaliating - stand up, brush yourself off and stay focused! Perhaps taking a break for a momment to have some fun may be helpful. Understand the importance of taking quality time. However, don't waist time! Be aware of the speed at which you are going. Don't let life pass by without savouring certain experiences. You can not break the law of physics and can only go so fast. Don't burn yourself out trying to get somewhere faster. The journey is often the lesson itself.

Solar Eclipse - Falling Leaf Dark Moon Oracle card pull - Saturday October 14th, 2023

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