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Sat. Sept. 23rd, 2023 - Crystal Witches Market

Come meet me at the Stafford Tarot table where I'll be giving free one card impression pulls between private readings. Also, be sure to let me know if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary!

Intuitive Trans-Dimensional Tarot readings $25 / 15 min or $50 / 30 min

Rune or Charm castings $25 / 15 minutes

Psychic mediumship reading sessions $50/30 min

Amongst the so many amazing vendors that will be there to guide you on a mystical night out.

We are so excited to be back in Rockwood!

Learn from some of our greatest local crystal guides in and around the Guelph area. Meet with Mystical readers and so much more!

Shop everything crystals and metaphysical products for all your healing needs

A Crystal event you do not want to miss!!


When: Saturday September 23 | 4-9pm

Where: Rockmosa Community Hall | 110 Rockmosa Dr., Rockwood


Luna Events Canada will be hosting this Luna Crystal Witches Market!

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