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Sun. Oct. 23rd, 2022 - At Paganfest in Niagara Falls, ON.

Come meet me at the Niagra Region Paganfest -Celebrating Samhain! hosted by Purple Pentacle Special Events.

I am very excited to be a vendor at this special event this year where I will be giving in person tarot readings and I will also be leading a small beginners workshop on how to give intuitive tarot readings if you are interested to learn.

Join us in the celebration of Samhain, and enjoy ritual, pagan arts and crafts, readers, crystals, candles, spiritual items, jewellery, smudges, incense, all the pagan tools and supplies you need!

Be sure to swing by and catch me between readings to say, "Hi". I will be in a small white tent outside. I will also be offering a free one card impression pulls between private readings.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sometimes people need a hands-on approach to learning tarot. I'm looking forward to introduce a new Intuitive Readings Workshop that I will lead which will be featured at this year's Niagara Region Pagan Fest celebrating Samhain. For $75 each, a participant at the festival will be introduced to intuitive-ness & objective-ness, and have opportunity to work with a Rider Waite deck. Each participant can keep their deck afterwards and take it home to begin learning to give themselves intuitive self-readings (discounted price of $50 each for participants who bring their own deck, or to participate without a deck).

Please note that prices to participate in the workshop after Paganfest on October 23rd, 2022 is subject to change. So, take advantage of this great opportunity!

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