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One year anniversary for the establishment of the S.M.C. Full Moon empowerment group!

Currently celebrating over one year and a day celebration since the founding and establishment of the sacred meadow circle full moon empowerment group.

At the time of writing this blog entry, it's been almost 4 years since I founded the Sacred Meadow Circle in 2020, (7 years since my journey in my tradition began in 2016) and one full year anniversary since establishing the local in person full moon empowerment group! Feeling very blessed and honoured to be a part of the growing and expanding of my coven.

The Sacred Meadow Circle (SMC) is an international online community of witches that holds weekly virtual gatherings and periodic in-person gatherings in South-Eastern Ontario for self-initiation guidance, ritual, celebration and empowerment. The structure of the coven is divided into three main aspects of membership and participation: The Astral SMC the Full Moon SMC; and the New Moon SMC. All members are equal without any elevated status or power. The focus of the SMC tradition is centered on individual development and is based on Seax-Wicca influences.

The New Moon SMC is a coven-stead of Wiccans in which each member can be a founder, Elder or High Priest(ess) of a full moon empowerment group, assists with initiations, and/or acts as an advisor to the other Sacred Meadow Circle High Priestesses and High Priests. It is a requirement that each practitioner individually follows a traditional structured approach to their own rituals and practices in witchcraft. This in-person group also requires a strong commitment, there are ranks involved and members must undergo an initiatory process which involves three degrees of growth and development in the coven's practices.  Each devoting to a Gesith Priesthood of which the Sacred Meadow Circle was originally formed, according to an Anglo Saxon tradition.  The New Moon Sacred Meadow Circle provides teaching and learning opportunities for all of the other members.

The Full Moon SMC is an in-person eclectic empowerment gathering of diverse witches whereas no ranks exist and each is equal to teach or learn with no initiation process to join.  The only requirement is that each is invited when membership allows. Each must walk at least one path within witchcraft and seeks to connect and support other witches. It is each's individual choice to dedicate to a self initiation in the SMC tradition. Meeting places are kept confidential to the group and vary depending on the time of year, celebration, event and/or festival.  Each gathering is lead by a Gesith High Priest(ess) of the New Moon Sacred Meadow Circle.  However, all decisions regarding the group's activities and interactions are mutually governed and agreed upon by the Full Moon group's members themselves.

Myself as the High Priest of the Sacred Meadow Circle.

Occasionally, the Full Moon SMC will host a virtual gathering referred to as the "Dark Moon SMC Remote Gatherings" that participants are invited to attend.  These online meetings are an opportunity for the Full Moon SMC members to teach and share to others something of which they have learned that is a topic of interest for those who are invited to join.  Future discussion topics are suggested by the gathering attendees.  Only those invited to attend the Dark Moon remote gathering can decide on and be participating in the discussion topics. Guests are usually invited from the virtual Astral SMC gatherings.

The Astral SMC is an online international diverse assortment of witches that get in contact and seek support in their discovery and learning of witchcraft.  Anyone can participate in this group!  There is no requirement other than looking for help or support in setting up a meaningful practice in the craft. serves as a support platform for this group by submitting questions, and posting short blog-style responses. By sharing as example, it is in hopes that it inspires or helps others to setup a unique magickal practice for themselves and trust their own way of thinking, individual beliefs, etc. We all need something to motivate us. After all, the more personally satisfying workings feel to a practitioner of magick, the more likely manifestations will materialize into reality.

The core principles of the coven emphasize the inherent worth and equal potential of each member, respect for nature, rejection of hierarchical authority, and commitment to personal accountability. Non-members, including family and guests, may be invited to attend gatherings as outside of circle observers. Only members should partake in rituals. There is a focus placed on supporting self-education as individual rights and responsibilities of each member. Self-initiations can be guided or supported by a High Preist(ess). Craft names are welcome.

Who the members are as well as gathering locations (including join links to online activities) are kept confidential for the privacy and safety of members and friends of the coven. Since witches and witchcraft face so many misconceptions and misunderstandings in the world today, revealing identities of witches or other coven member information could result in the jeopardization of wellness or safety for others.

If you're interested to get involved, please join us for the next Astral SMS virtual gathering by registering at:

For more information about the coven, check out:  and for more information about witchcraft, visit:

Blessed be.

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