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My new blog and videos about my magickal practice

Updated: May 29, 2022

Please feel free to explore my other blog where I answer submitted questions about my magickal practice:

While exploring online myself, I have become increasingly aware of how many magickal practitioners that I've found online are women and how little representation there is of male magickal practitioners online. This sparked the idea that maybe I could share some of my own perspective, thoughts and opinions on magickal workings and related topics that might interest or help others and along the way maybe I can help to clear up some of the misunderstandings or misconceptions that seem to still exist today. Sometimes known as ”cunning folk”, can be any age, or work at any job, be of any orientation, class, ethnicity, can even be a part of any religion.

For starters: to be a "witch" is not about evil. For me, it's actually about human nature. The term "Witch" is non gendered meaning can mean either a man, or a woman, or non binary, etc. Witches are not confined to the Wiccan religions of today. There is such a thing as a Catholic witch, for example. Witchcraft is an expression of spirituality and is guided and powered by intention. Therefore, it's my personal opinion that magick is neither good or evil, light or dark, white or black, etc. It just is. There is only the intention of the individual caster of magick that is either noble or not, etc. Secondly, some don't seem to realize that Witchcraft and Wicca are not the same thing. Wicca is a religion that involves magickal practitioners. Not all witches are Wiccan. However, most Wiccans are witches. Some of the biggest misconceptions that I have personally experienced come from hollywood fictional ideas that are showcases in stories, movies and television series of what a witch is. I am referring to the stereotypical view of a witch must be an old ugly women, with green skin, has warts and orange or silver hair, pointed black hats, able to levitating or fly on a broom, throw fire from one's hands, or whatever imagination one may be entertained with. It's great entertainment, but that's all it is. Even now a days, modern shows that involve witchcraft still are extremely exaggerated and usually do not reflect what it means to be an actual witch today. In my opinion, some of the wild ideas of these books, shows and movies create many disellusions and misunderstandings and sometimes even fear. I hope that by sharing some about what I do magically, that it may help others to understand or not be afraid. No matter how many paths of the craft I've explored, be it green, hedge, cottage, kitchen, psychic, song, and astro… no matter how much I’ve learn and do in my craft, I am always still learning along my path. I relying very strongly on my intuition. I make my own infusions, potions, salves, candles, and oracles I personally scrye and work with runes, tarot, pendulums, palmistry and tasseography. I've made and connected many tools, crystals and herbs to aid me in various workings. I dedicated to Seax Wica in 2016 and completed a three year and three day initiation in 2019. At the end of 2022 I should be completing my Gesith path to High Priesthood.

Please stay tuned for some answers to upcoming questions submitted by visitors like you at Topics I will mention in my blog or possibly make videos about will be related to my practice and craft as a male grey witch. Thank you for checking out my website! Please consider sharing or subscribe so not too miss any new content. Take good care always, and blessed be

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