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Full Wolf Moon Oracle card pull - Thurs. Jan. 25th, 2024

This Full Wolf Moon sits in Leo bringing a sense of earnest and passion to evolve our current situations. Do not allow that which is meant for you to pass you by. The situation at hand may have reached its peak, or will soon, and things may now seem to be out of your control. Any doors that are closed during this time may remain closed moving forward. This experience may be necessary to learn and may be an opportunity for your soul to evolve. Maybe give up trying to be in control and just let events unfold. It's time to get yourself back on track. Meditation may be helpful to stay calm proceeding through such drastic changes. This is a state of transition, like water to ice, or vice versa. The way forward will become clear. Let nature comfort you and cleanse what isn't necessary. Find the purity and beauty in what may seem out of place or other-worldly in the moment. Being able to eventually see things more clearly will be freeing. Be patient.

Full Wolf Moon Oracle card pull - Thurs. Jan. 25th, 2024

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