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Full Flower Moon Oracle Card Pull - Fri. May 5th, 2023

This Full Flower Moon sitting in Scorpio may bring with it some stubborn and emotional opposition. A lunar eclipse will most likely add uncertainty to this sort of confrontational energy. But, know that it is a time of powerful transformation. The journey is often the lesson itself. Doing something good for someone else may help you feel better. Try not to attract worry with worrying thoughts. Own it - even if there are mistakes made along the way. If there is an apology necessary, be honest. Don't second guess yourself and try not to over think a situation. There may be someone who can help if it's needed. However, allow your own inner self and soul to move you in the right direction. Trust yourself! And, you'll be internally shown the way to go.

Full Flower Moon Oracle Card Pull - Friday May 5th, 2023

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