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Full Cold Moon Oracle card pull - Tues. Dec. 26th, 2023

This Full Cold Moon is shifting into cancer bringing empowerment, action and protection. You may find yourself feeling emotionally sensitive and this is a good time to prioritize self care. Don't be too much in your head. But also, listen to your heart too! There may be unexpected ways of approaching the situation. Be there for yourself. Or, if a friend needs you - be there for them as well. Things may seem as though it's happening too quickly, and may invoke a feeling of savouring the experience before it ends or passes by. Do it! It reminds me of the expression, "Where has the time gone?" Understand the importance of taking advantage of those quality time moments while available. Time may be running out in some way. When it feels the world seems to be moving too fast, it's important to know when to slow things down for yourself personally. Take the time to process your thoughts and what you are going through. Really demonstrate self care - no really!!! Show yourself some love and celebrate the accomplishments that got you to this moment so far. Or, where you are headed - whether you find you are "flying' towards your goals quickly or not fast enough. Be sure to stop, breath, and acknowledge your own strengths, endurances, and achievements, so far.

Full Cold Moon Oracle card pull - Tues. Dec. 26th, 2023

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