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Dark Strawberry Moon oracle card pull - Sun. June 18th, 2023

This Dark Strawberry Moon sits in Gemini on the cusp of spring completing and summer beginning. This is an excellent time to shift focus and working your magick. Tie up loose ends from the past and plan for the future. Make an investment. Let go of any grudges or enviness. A transformation may be in progress or a type of rebirth may be necessary. Go deep into your body, mind and energy during these changes. You may be feeling sexier lately - Emotional intimacy may be the forecaste. Connect with your instincts again - Nature calls to you! Find and discover your special abilities that make you unique. We all have power to manifest our intentions and desires. What are your's? Spending time with an animal companion will be extremely benifitial. Make your property animal-friendly and observe serenity from the wilderness surrounding. Work with the animals rather than against them as they have no less right to be here than we do. The animal Kingdom is also a part of you too. Hear it's call!

Dark Strawberry Moon Oracle Card Pull - Sunday June 18th, 2023

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